The Sustainability Solution for Events and Hospitality


At Circular Unity, we understand that managing sustainability can be a complex and challenging task. That’s why we’ve designed impactALL to be easy and convenient for organizations in the entertainment, events, and hospitality industries.


Track all your events and locations with impactALL, you can quickly and accurately measure your total carbon emissions, all while following the GHG Protocol for reliable and consistent results.


Take control of your sustainability practices with impactALL's Manage section.

Our solution offers automation for data collection from suppliers, customizable reminders, and customization to mirror your organization's unique configuration for accurate tracking of sustainability progress.

Simplify your sustainability management with impactALL.

Collect Data

Easy-to-use Web Interface

Use internal forms for users, or external forms for stakeholders and import data from excel to facilitate your migration.

IoT Sensors

Automate data collection for water, energy, heat, waste and vehicles use.

Restful API

Use our API to connect data from different sources, including your favorite ticketing platforms and automate attendee emissions calculation.

Mobile App

Leverage AI computer vision to collect data from documents/bills, and take pictures of water, energy, heat and vehicles meters.


impactALL measures important sustainability KPIs, which are displayed on intuitive dashboards to track in real-time resource usage, circular economy, carbon footprint (GHG Protocol Scope 1, 2 and 3), financial impacts and social equality. 

Map the events’ ecosystem to understand how to increase profitability while becoming more sustainable with the entire value-chain.

Take Action

Receive actionable insights to reduce emissions, set targets and stay focused on the path to net-zero.

Access the broadest network of climate projects from around the world.

Compensate for your carbon footprint or contribute to carbon credit projects.


impactALL generates reliable reports compliant with regulations and recognized international standards, and help you to communicate transparently to your value-chain.

Use your results to share with the world your sustainability achievements!

Engage suppliers, sponsors, artists, employees, visitors, attendees and get everybody involved.

Discover impactALL

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Circular Unity empowers decision-makers from the Entertainment, Events and Hospitality sectors wih smart technology to become net-zero.
impactALL make easy, automated and accurate sustainability assessment, using the most recognized methodologies and frameworks, and using data to help your organization to decarbonization.

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