Measuring sustainability
made easy

impactALL has a lot in store for you, and yet the main reason why even organizations choose our solution can be explained by how easy and convenient it is to get to the total amount of CO2 emissions.

The remarkable accuracy and reliability of this number is based on the fact that impactALL fleshes out the GHG Protocol and all the results from the calculations performed follow strictly what this Protocol prescribes. 


Each organization is unique and deserves a tool that offers the flexibility to mirror its actual configuration . That's precisely what impactALL offers.

Create departments and facilities

Register your assets and the value-chain involved: suppliers, staff, vehicles and machinery

Collect Data

Collect resource usage data from your organization activities and value-chain.

Automate and decentralize data collection:
  • User-friendly forms
  • API to connect with other systems
  • IoT sensors with SIM Card or Wi-fi connection
  • Mobile app with computer vision (to be released)
  • AI engine to fill gaps in the data (to be released)


impactALL measures important sustainability KPIs, which are displayed on intuitive dashboards to track in real-time resource usage, circular economy, carbon footprint (GHG Protocol Scope 1, 2 and 3), financial impacts and social equality. 

Map the events’ ecosystem to understand how to increase profitability while becoming more sustainable with the entire value-chain.

Take Action

Receive actionable insights to reduce emissions, set targets and stay focused on the path to net-zero.

Access the broadest network of climate projects from around the world.

Compensate for your carbon footprint or contribute to carbon credit projects.


impactALL generates reliable reports compliant with regulations and recognized international standards, and help you to communicate transparently to your value-chain.

Use your results to share with the world your sustainability achievements!

Engage suppliers, sponsors, artists, employees, visitors, attendees and get everybody involved.

Coming Up - Future impactALL releases

impactALL keeps improving! Find below the features that will be released very soon:

  1. IoT sensors: the Circular Unity team is obsessed with making your life easier. We’ll implement automated data collection through IoT sensors that’ll feed the data directly into impactALL. Say goodbye to manually inputing data!
  2. Rest API: in the spirit of automation, we’ll further empower event organizers in their data collection activities by connecting impactALL to 3rd party applications. This will enable the seamless and effortless retrieval of the data that’s relevant for carbon accounting.
  3. Mobile application: the power of an organization resides in its employees and collaborators. Because events can be complex, we’ll put in the hands of the event organizers an application to supplement the automated data collection, powered by OCR. Computer vision will allow the application to read bills, invoices and scanned documents.
  4. AI-based actionable insights: knowing in a reliable way an event’s carbon footprint is a great achievement, yet what really matters is reducing it. impactALL will include carbon handprint features to provide actionable insights with concrete actions and recommendations so an event can reduce its footprint – the true way towards net zero.
  5. Multi-level management: each organization is unique. That’s why we’ll offer the flexibility of managing users access and permissions as it would happen internally.
  6. Benchmarking: year-on-year benchmarking to provide you with a way to measure the progress towards sustainability.
  7. Set targets: as there is more and more guidance on sustainability standards, impactALL will allow you to align your targets with international standards such as the Paris Agreement, the Kyoto Protocol or the EU Green Deal.
 And much more …
Circular Unity empowers decision-makers from the Entertainment, Events and Hospitality sectors wih smart technology to become net-zero.
impactALL make easy, automated and accurate sustainability assessment, using the most recognized methodologies and frameworks, and using data to help your organization to decarbonization.

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