Carbon neutral events. Measure, optimize, reduce.

CO₂ emissions, resource usage and other sustainability indicators, all in one place

Carbon accounting for events, and much more.

data collection

The ability to minimize the resources spent in data collection is a true game-changer. We apply smart city technology to our product to allow for automated data collection. A software environment suite ensures integration for optimal performance.

Full control

A powerful interface gives you a complete, real-time overview of all the sustainability aspects that matter. You can track your event’s predictions of emissions, carbon accounting results, resource usage, progress towards the emissions reduction targets. Our actionable insights help you reduce your event’s carbon footprint effectively and achieve your organization’s sustainability goals.

Offset emissions
in one-click

Buy carbon-based credits and use it to neutralize your emissions in one-click. CarbonCoin is our blockchain currency to invest on certified carbon offset projects members of our regenerative economic system. Events can directly collaborate with the global climate changes mitigation.  

Transparent results

Report and celebrate your achievements. Set new challenges and goals for your next events. Communicate your results with interactive infographics.  Get everybody involved, engage your team, participants, attendees, value-chain, sponsors and stakeholders to participate in the future of the net-zero events. 

Ranking: Compare results

Compare results and benchmark with your previous events’ editions and with similar others. Understand the events sector sustainability goals and see your ranking compared with other events.
Help us to create the universal data-oriented standard for the event sector.

Net zero, within reach

Set your organization’s sustainability goals and create a long-term decarbonization plan. impactALL allows you to fulfil your goals and stay on track. 

Implementing carbon-neutral goals was never this easy.

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