Circular Unity is a green tech startup based in Portugal that wields as a core value the fight against climate change. We empower organizations to achieve their sustainability goals and comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), EU Green Deal and international protocols.

We believe that solutions based on the innovative use of technology are the tools that empower humans to tackle the most difficult challenges. Our solutions are tailored for sustainability challenges, starting with the events sector.

Circular Unity | Jun 19, 2021


Written by The Founders

Entertainment is a basic necessity of humanity. It changes the way we feel and gives us a common understanding of enjoyment and sharing experiences.

The events industry promotes knowledge and diversity, brings dialogue between cultures, fosters creativity, offers opportunities for social inclusion, and improves our psychological well-being. However, it’s only through sustainability that events can become models for an abundant, healthy, profitable, and regenerative business.

Circular Unity is a groundbreaking startup that was born from the passion for events, and from the need for sustainability to be able to grow and to thrive today. We believe that events are prototypes of autonomous societies with environmental and economic challenges. Regardless of size, type and duration, events must understand that sustainability leads to the ability to make informed decisions based on resource use to enhance communication, engage customers, and succeed in bringing investments and revenue.

We use data-driven technology to disrupt the approach to sustainability in events. We want to usher in a new era of Sustainable SmartEvents.

Our Team

We are a dream team composed of multidisciplinary professionals, and we all are passionate about our common goal: to foster sustainability and net-zero emissions.We draw inspiration from nature’s systems and use technology to assist in creating an efficient, resilient, and regenerative society

Marcelo Rossi


10 years in the Events Sector, Business Development, Sustainability Consultant, Carbon Emissions, Circular Economy and Resource Flow Analysis Expert

Alberto Olias

CMO & Founder

Expert in Law, EU law, Data Protection, Content Creation, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Paid Advertising


Eduardo Lebre

COO & Founder

Expert in Automation, Carbon Accounting, Public Relations, Business Development, Business Intelligence, Product Engineering, Data Analysis & Quality Assurance

Nicola Erriquez

CTO & Founder

DevOps, Database Design & Optimization, Business Intelligence,
 IT System Architect, Agile Product Owner, IoT Specialist, Marketing Strategist

Previous collaborations

The members of Circular Unity have experience in helping event organizers to approach sustainability in the right way. Here are just a few of our previous collaborations:

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