Circular Unity is a green tech startup based in Portugal that wields as a core value the fight against climate change. We empower organizations to achieve their sustainability goals and comply with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Paris Agreement.
We empower organizations with smart technology to become carbon neutral.
Our solutions are built for climate action and sustainability challenges, tailored for the entertainment, events and hospitality sectors.


Circular Unity | Jun 19 2021, by The Founders 

Entertainment is a basic necessity of humanity. It changes the way we feel and gives us a common understanding of enjoyment and sharing experiences.
The events industry promotes knowledge and diversity, brings dialogue between cultures, fosters creativity, offers opportunities for social inclusion, and improves our psychological well-being. However, it’s only through sustainability that events can become models for an abundant, healthy, profitable, and regenerative business.
Circular Unity is a groundbreaking startup that was born from the passion for events, and from the need for sustainability to be able to grow and to thrive today.
We believe that events are prototypes of autonomous societies with environmental and economic challenges. Regardless of size, type and duration, events must understand that sustainability leads to the ability to make informed decisions based on resource use to enhance communication, engage customers, and succeed in bringing investments and revenue.
We use data-driven technology to disrupt the approach to sustainability and to accelerate a future of Sustainable Smart Events.

Our Story

Circular Unity is born in 2021, created by four founders as a remote-first startup as we understand and cherish the value of doing great work while not being bound to a single workplace. This simultaneously requires and creates an environment where trust is the binding element.

As a climate tech startup, our purpose is not only to build a profitable and scalable company: the common thread in everything we do – including starting the company in the first place – is our unwavering will to address the climate emergency by bringing sustainability to entertainment, events and hospitality all around the world. This is our mission, and we’re relentlessly keen on it. 

Meet the Founders

Eduardo Lebre



Expert in Events Sustainability, Automation, Carbon Accounting, Business Development & Intelligence, Product Engineering, Data Analysis & Quality Assurance.


Nicola Erriquez



Business Intelligence Expert, IT System Architect, DevOps, Database Design & Optimization, Agile Product Owner, IoT Specialist, Marketing Strategist

Marcelo Rossi



Expert in Product Design, Business Development, Sustainability, UN SDG, ESG, CSR, Carbon Accounting, Material Flow Analysis, Circularity, ISO 20121, PAS 2050 & 2060 and Events.

Alberto Olias



Expert in Law, EU law, Data Protection, Content Creation, SEO, Marketing Strategy, Copywriting, Paid Advertising