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Navigate sustainability regulations effortlessly with actionable insights and automated reporting.



Utilize real-time data and AI to optimize resource management, reduce waste, and lower costs.


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Designed, built, and tested with our innovation partners, ensuring the best market fit in the industry.

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Welcome to Circular Unity – where cutting-edge technology meets ecological responsibility. Experience a new era of sustainability management, tailored for today's dynamic business landscape. At Circular Unity, we're redefining sustainability reporting, compliance and operations, making it not just a duty but a strategic advantage for your business.

What Sets Us Apart

It's our mission to automate as many processes to make GHG accounting simple, we tie all together in an AI powered platform.

Scope 1,2,3 (soon 4)
GHG Protocol, precisely measuring and reporting carbon emissions from direct, indirect, upstream, and downstream sources, ensuring a thorough understanding and comprehensive reporting.
Automated Supply Chain
Data Collection automation, set data needs and frequency for suppliers and software prompts the value chain into action. Results plug into our solution via Gaia, our Ai tool.
Multi-Level Dashboarding
Seamlessly monitor and benchmark key indicators in a unified interface. Effortlessly switch between macro and granular views, ensuring precise control, and detailed reporting. Normalized data, makes benchmarking even more powerful.
IoT Sensors
Achieve real-time data collection and monitoring through seamless integration with a diverse range of IoT sensors. We offer sensors through partners, and integrate with your existing suppliers.
Fan travel
Integrate with top ticketing platforms seamlessly to calculate audience emissions, utilizing our API connection; recognizing the substantial impact of attendee and staff travel is mission-critical for informed sustainability strategies.
Integration Simplified
Streamline integration with our solid API, enabling seamless connection and synchronization for a unified and efficient data ecosystem.
Quantify progress across SDGs, resource flow, social diversity & inclusion, ESG score, UN SDG alignment, and circularity for comprehensive measurement and strategic analysis.
Blockchain Carbon Projects
Access a diverse selection of over 200 certified climate projects globally, offering the opportunity to choose and participate in initiatives that align with corporate sustainability goals and earn carbon credits.
Build by and for Professionals
Through our innovation partnerships, we build features that are truly insightful and actionable. Solving real life industry specific challenges.
gAia the power of Ai
Our powerful Ai tool gAia, is trained to simplify all complex data, do regulatory compliant reporting, and automate stakeholder engagement.

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We believe in supporting businesses to have valuable information easy accessible to them, so they can make an educated plan, whether thats with Circular Unity or with another platform. 

Value Chain Emissions

Emissions in Modern Business


Our award winning suite of products and service are industry leading, our holistic approach to development makes it endlessly scalable and agile.

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    Client Testimonials

    We undertook some big, ambitious projects in the summer of 2023, to understand the carbon footprint of large-scale activations at a horse racing festival and separately at a music festival here in Ireland. Using ImpactAll was ideal for these projects as it allowed to capture more detail on the materials used than any other tool we’ve trialled in the past. It gave us great data on scope 3 emissions and giving us the opportunity to provide expert advice on how the build of the activations could be approached differently in the future, with the principles of the circular economy incorporated at the design and planning stage.
    Native Events
    Megan Best Native Events
    As a sustainability consultant we have tried dozens of platforms, and ImpactALL is far better than any solution we have tried. We can work more effectively and serve our clients better, in short it has been a game changer for us.
    Rico Solutions
    Rico Tesio Rico Solutions

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